Count Vittorio Martelli is shattered by his father’s deathbed confession that he once tricked a million pounds out of his English friend, George Benton.  He begs his son to find a way to repay the money. after his death.  But when Vittorio goes to England he finds that Benton is dead and only his daughter Jackie is still alive.  Somehow he must repay her.

But Jackie is furious at the damage done to her father, and refuses to accept Vittorio’s money.

Rather than give up he persuades her to come to Rome with him, to help out in his store, and play the role of his girlfriend to discourage the women who chase after him.  Their relationship is tense and disturbing.  Partly they are foes.  Yet they are also falling in love, and the two sides are in conflict.  Will they ever find a way to reconcile their differences?

Harlequin Romance

- OCTOBER 2017 -


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