Ellie was a lawyer, hard working and efficient, with little time for romance.  That was how she saw herself.

But Leonizio changed everything.  An Italian from Rome, he’d come to England to divorce his English wife, who had not only been unfaithful but told him the little son he loved wasn’t his.  His pain touched her heart, and she found herself warming to him.  Their one night of love making was shattering for both of them.

When she found herself pregnant Leonizio ’s reaction stunned her.  He wanted to marry her and take her to live with him in Rome.  She refused, wanting to keep her independence, but also guessing that he didn’t love her.  He only wanted their child.

She agreed to spend a little time with him in Rome, knowing he was counting on changing her mind.  It was a risk because her feelings for him were growing,  But she believed herself strong enough to love him yet still prevent him taking control of her.

Was she really that strong?  The weeks they spent together in the beautiful city would tell her if her life had changed for ever.


Harlequin Romance


- JUNE 2016 -


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