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Amos Falcon has always been a man to be feared.  A fierce, ruthless businessman, he’s amassed a great fortune in any way he could.  Along the way he’s had five sons by four different women in England, France, Russia and America.


Now he has a fortune to bequeath to whichever son is most like him and marries the wife he chooses.  But while their natures are different, each has inherited his father’s determination to do things his own way.


Their stories are told in five books, starting with RESCUED BY THE BROODING TYCOON.  And next up is MISS PRIM AND THE BILLIONAIRE...

Now Amos Falcon’s hopes are pinned on Marcel, his son by a French woman.  Marcel is much like his father, a ruthless businessman.

But he wasn’t always like that.  Once he was a warm-hearted young man who adored Cassie, the beautiful girl who loved him as he loved her – until she brutally abandoned him to marry a wealthy lover.

Now, wanting to extend his empire from Paris to London he hires Mrs Henshaw, a severe, efficient assistant.  To his horror he recognises Cassie.

Or does he?  Could this stern businesswoman really be Cassie, the model whose dazzling sexuality had filled his dreams, and then broken his heart?

Cassie is also horrified to meet him again.  She’d betrayed him, but not willingly.  Only the threat to his life had made her leave him, and it had broken her heart.

Set in the romantic city of Paris, MISS PRIM AND THE BILLIONAIRE tells how they face each other again over the years and tragedies that stretch between, and which have turned them into different people.

Or so they hope.  But can the fierce love that bound them together ever really die? 


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Book One in the Falcon Dynasty series - RESCUED BY THE BROODING TYCOON - is available now from the Book Depository.






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