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"Placing her young daughter's life in heart surgeon Andrew Blake's hands is doubly difficult for twice-divorced beautician Ellie Landers, because he's the man she should have married. After the surgery, Andrew finds Ellie a house-sitting job, which she takes, convinced he doesn't recognize her. Bit when she discovers that Andrew is the home's owner and aware of her identity, Ellie's loath to stay—but she agrees, when he asks her to, as a favor. Her feelings rekindled, Ellie can only hope to eventually recapture Andrew's love. With this inherently emotional situation, Andrew's intensity and the wonderfully resilient Ellie make Lucy Gordon's His Pretend Wife (4) a very absorbing read.."


4 stars

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HIS PRETEND WIFE was originally released in the UK in December 2002.







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From the book HIS PRETEND WIFE by Lucy Gordon.

 Original UK Release December 2002

Copyright 2002 by Lucy Gordon

UK ISBN 978-0263830477

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